Navigating Court Records


Discovering hard-to find court records

Services Offered



We offer specialized training for law firms, banks, companies, media, and others who are interested in learning how to navigate the byzantine world of federal court records. Through experience built over years of navigating PACER, we are able to offer ground-breaking ways to exploit the gaps in the system to identify new cases and filings.

Examples of organizations trained:

  • The New York Times

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • The Washington Post

  • Financial Times

  • Huffington Post

  • Buzzfeed

  • Reuters

  • CNN

  • Propublica

  • USA Today

  • Gizmodo

Continuous Monitoring

We provide ongoing monitoring of specific issues areas or individuals that you may be interested in. Using both manual and automated processes, we are able to continuously monitor a specific topic that your organization may be concerned about. Our tried and true method can more quickly identify court records that may impact your organization.

Examples of previous continuous monitoring:

  • Identified new money-laundering federal cases for a financial due deligence business

  • Provided real-time updates of new federal cases to a nongovernmental organization concerned about wildlife smuggling in the United States

  • Provided real-time updates of new federal cases to a research center tracking U.S. terrorism cases


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